Category Overview 

Art Math concepts
Fine motor skills Music
Gross motor skills Science
Literacy and language arts Social studies

    Creative expression
    Finger painting

Fine Motor Skills
    Developmentally appropriate writing
    Finger Plays
    Play dough
    Small manipulatives
    Use of scissors

Gross Motor Skills
    Balance beam
    Bean bags
    Bouncy balls
    Jumping games
    Record activities
    Teeter totters

Literacy and Language Arts
    Alphabet recognition
    Auditory discrimination
    Developmentally appropriate writing
    Dramatic play
    Left-to-right progression
    Memory games
    Phonemic awareness
    Quality children’s literature
    Reading readiness
    Rhymes, songs, and finger plays
    Vocabulary development

Math Concepts
    Photo of boys with ice creamNumeration
    One-to-one correspondence
    Ordering and sequencing
    Shape recognition

    Creative movement
    Vocabulary development

    Color mixing
    Life sciences
    Observations and predictions
    Properties of water
    Sensory tables

Social Studies
    Classroom routines
    Cultural awareness
    Current events
    Dramatic play
    Self esteem