Photo of three boysVillage Preschool is a developmental preschool geared to encourage the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth of three- through six-year-old children.  Each child has an individual developmental timetable.  Village Preschool provides many varied experiences and opportunities so children may flourish within their own timetable.  Through the use of games, songs, records, stories, counting, etc., students are exposed to concepts of alphabet and numbers.  Socialization, attention span extension, and gross and fine motor coordination are also important educational goals.

We at Village Preschool hope to help your child:

  • Build a good self-image and sense of competence in order to meet and solve problems he/she will encounter
  • Strengthen inner emotional controls, recognizing reasonable limits
  • Foster a sense of security with caring adults
  • Enjoy friendship among his/her peers
  • Use art and music in self-expression
  • Be encouraged in the natural curiosity which motivates preschoolers to explore, play and learn

A child’s first school experience will set the stage for the school years ahead.  We are committed to providing rich and happy preschool years so your child will go on to Kindergarten liking school, and looking forward to new situations.