Parent Comments

These are some of the comments parents included on the end-of-the-year evaluation forms.
Student and parent names have been withheld.

“We are so happy with Village Preschool.”

“The teachers are absolutely amazing.”

“Thank you so much. We love this school.”

“The teachers created such a wonderful classroom community. My daughter looked forward to school each week. The experience was so positive. She felt loved and special. I am so grateful for this amazing start to her career as a student. We are very pleased with the teachers and Village Preschool. Thank you!”

“Thanks for all you do. The teachers are amazing! We will miss you!”

“We have truly enjoyed our academic year at Village Preschool. We have loved our teachers and very much appreciate the time and care they have invested in our child this year. We honestly could not have asked for better teachers. We are so glad we chose Village. Thank you again for creating such a warm and inviting community for our children and the families.”

“Our daughter has had a wonderful school experience. She has grown so much socially and academically. She is eager to go to school and loves to tell us about the fun and interesting things she does there. The teachers are both so kind, warm and loving. It has been a great experience all around!”

“I watched my children thrive here! You all provide a safe, caring, nurturing, loving, supportive learning environment for the children. I am so grateful to the teachers, music teacher and director for giving my girls the love of school and learning. I highly recommend Village Preschool.”

“Your teachers are incredibly dedicated and caring!”

“Village Preschool really made the transition to preschool an easy one. My son loves school, he loves to go, and he loves to tell us about his school day. When we toured the preschool last year, it was the teaching staff that left a great impression. They truly are the heart of the school. Thank you to all of the staff for the work that they do. We are very happy at Village and we look forward to the fall!”

“We loved Village and will always cherish the memories made here!”

“Our daughter has had a wonderful experience at the Village Preschool. We highly recommend it to all of our friends!”

“Love the program. The staff have been amazing, both teachers and director. All are caring and really seem to enjoy what they do and help the kids grow! Thank you!!!”

“The teachers have been amazing this year! We love the staff at Village – it is one of the reasons I highly recommend it!”

“What a great place to watch children grow! Everyone was always so helpful and positive. Can’t wait for the next kid to start Village in a couple of years. Thank you for all you do!”

“Thank you for creating a loving, nurturing and educational learning environment for all children. So happy to have our son returning for one more year!”

“Thank you so much for a great 2 years. Our daughter enjoyed preschool very much. She enjoyed all her time creating and learning. Her teachers this year and last were amazing! They made her feel special and loved and we are thankful for that.”

“I love the Village Preschool and the experience my child has had. It is the most lovely introduction to school I could have hoped for. Thank you for everything you and the staff do for our little children.”